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. after last week, everyone thought the saints would roll over the jets. defense showed up. and geno smith nice juke to the inside for the touchdown. and nick falk, four field goals. jets surprised the saints. >>> chiefs undefeated, this one wasn't easy until this, ran back 100 yards tying things up at 10. tied game in the fourth, the ball punched loose. how about the kansas city defense this year. easily the best defense in the nfl. that's why they're still undefeated. they win it 23-13. to arlington, cowboys trailing the vikings. romo gets a lot of heat for not finishing games and coming up big. i think he's 9 for 9 on the final drive of the game. that was the go-ahead touchdown to dwayne harris, a 90 yard drive. they come back to win 27-23. how about redskins/chargers. pick it up in overtime. one of the best highlight for the whole game? but that wins it. and that was young's third touchdown of the game. skins whip it 30-24. let's stay in the nfc east. eagles visiting the raiders. who saw this coming? last two weeks, eagles offense was atrocious, they couldn't do anything. so nick foles
year and a half, general martins and his team of prosecutors, defense lawyers, bailiffs, interpreters-- about 250 people in all-- are airlifted aboard a government charter to the u.s. naval base at guantanamo bay, cuba, at a cost of $90,000 a flight. >> hello, everyone, and welcome back to guantanamo bay, cuba, pearl of the antilles. >> stahl: when the trial begins more than a year from now, it'll be the biggest war crimes tribunal since nuremberg, and much of the burden rests on general martins' shoulders. so, when it's a military tribunal or commission, how is it different from a civilian proceeding? >> mark martins: the similarities really swamp the differences. i mean, the accused is presumed innocent, the prosecution must prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. >> stahl: general martins knows a lot's at stake-- the 9/11 defendants must be seen as getting a fair and legitimate hearing. >> martins: we've got to ensure that what we do in these cases is justice and can't be accused of being vengeance. and that's a great challenge. >> stahl: now, we have talked to some of the defense a
: personal foul, horse collar tackle on the defense. half the distance to the goal. first down. solomon: they're going to call it horse collar but if you're james ogbonnaya you have to get him down anyway you can. i thought the horse collar was if you bring them down to the ground by grabbing the back. he grabs him there, slips off. splitting hair as bit but if you're james i head bob, you have to get him down anyway you can because if he gets -- any way you can because if he gets into the end zone you can kiss this one goodbye. 1:51. clock at 1:15 -- first and goal. lewis. there was a block on the side by greco. there wasn't a whole lot of room. no gain on the play. second down and goal at the 4. for those of you expecting to see "60 minutes," you're watching the nfl on cbs, the game between the baltimore ravens and the cleveland browns. our score, 21-18, cleveland. "60 minutes" will be seen in its entirety immediately following this game except on the west coast, where it will be seen at its normally scheduled time. with a time-out, baltimore burning their final. cleveland with one left. 1:
of the nsa, keith alexander, testified before congress and their defense was clear and aggressive. >> do you believe that the allies have conducted or at any time, any type of espionage activity against the united states of america, our intelligence services, our leaders or otherwise? >> absolutely. >> there has not been a mass casualty in the u.s. since 2001. that's not by luck. they continue to tray. it is the great members in the intelligence community, our military, our law enforcement that have stood up and said, this is our job. >> defending themselves with passion and conviction which up to this point we hadn't seen much of in material of defense. jim shuuto watching today. what were the revelations at the hearing? >> you got the sense that they were just waiting to have the chance to push back like this. and they pushed back very strong. first on spying. both clapper and alexander saying that our allies spy on us, including on our leaders. that in fact the intelligence services in europe do so to an extent that maybe the elected leaders in europe are not aware of. and they made the a
defense minister will explain what is going on there. and then the former nsa director will help us understand what america's spies are really doing around the world. also, michael bloomberg called the mayor of the world. with the election of his successor on hand, what lessons does bloomberg have to share with us? one of them, cities need rich people. he'll explain. >>> and the latest weapon against bad guys. it's not a newfangled drone or bunker buster bomb. it's simply brett me to. i'll explain. >>> first, revelations about the national security agency and spying on foreign allied leaders has been embarrassing for the obama administration at a time when it hardly needs more bad news. is it more than an embarrassment? should it raise alarms abroad and at home? at first glance this is a story that is less about ethics and more about power. the great power gap between the united states and other countries, even rich european ones. the most illuminating response came from the former foreign minister of france. he said in a radio interview, let's be honest. we eavesdrop, too. everyone
bills yesterday without scoring a single touchdown on offense, but who cares when your defense can score two touchdowns? you know the chiefs were the worst team in the nfl last season. they won just two games. it's been an improbable turnaround. they have now won nine in a row. their best start in ten years. now the chiefs look ahead to a nice bye week, guys. and then they will be tested because people have said, well, the kansas city chiefs to a 9-0 start and haven't played anybody yet and haven't beat any good teams. they play the denver broncos twice in three weeks so we will see. >> it's hard to beat them twice in three weeks but 9-0 is impressive and no one guessed that. >>> coming up for us next, edward snowden manifest tow of truth is what he is calling it. he is ghademanding the u.s. dro espionage charges against him and why he is suggesting he is is not criminal. >>> a bizarre security breach at o'hare airport. an alligator on the loose in terminal 3! what? wait, wait, wait... no, no, no, wait, wait. (baby crying) so you can deposit a check... with the touch of a finger. so you
center just as easily. there is no defense against someone who was to blast his way through something. police know that this is a crazy person, not a terrorist. i do not know how we can defend ourselves against that. i really don't. gerri: cold comfort because it is really just a road map for a terrorist at the end of the day. lots of problems going on now with flights all over the country. how serious will this be? specifically, what kinds of additional security might there be in the days and weeks after this? >> let's remember, our base security threat is not at the security checkpoints were you and i go through but the back door of an airport. a terrorist would come in that way. going forward within 18 hours he will have everything back to normal. there will be some delays because airplanes are stuck in los angeles and again that the tomahawk to get people to chicag because it will be a ripple effect. it won't plummet the system, but it will be a problem. gerri: what about the security procedures? take longer to get through the checkpoints? >> it should not because in this case it
do not? >> no, as a 30 year it official that developed things like this for the department of defense and private sector you can replace it, but you can't fix it. >> is that the solution thaw see, take the whole thing down and start all over again? >> they will probably try and tell us that they are fixing it and i am not going to tell you that there are not components that can be used in a rebuild, but you can't patch something like this up, bill, it doesn't work that way. it is not going to happen. and what needs to happen is finger pointing needs to stop. you heard the apology today. kathleen sebelius tomorrow needs to apologize tomorrow. >> i how far she can go to satisfy you. i take two from your answers there is not a lot you can say. do you know if the president asked to see the web site before it was rolled out in >> i do not know if the president asked to see the web site before it was rolled out. that is an interesting question. but the president ought to reimburse the american people for the cost associated with fixing or replacing the web site. over $400 million is spent.
does the defense get past that? >> this is devastating for the defense. obviously, if your own kids think you murdered their mother, the jurors are going to think, that's pretty compelling. he's their father. they should love him and be loyal to him. so i think that really is a big blow to the defense, but i'm not sure that he still gets convicted because you have to prove guilt beyond a reasonableble doubt and how did the death happen. >> how did the death happen, and the witnesses, jean has been reporting on this, there are questions, one of his daughter as former drug addict, another bipolar and his other mistress with a disorder. if you can't trust the messenger, how do you get past that? >> they have baggage. all of these witnesses have h major problems, so if you're looking for reasonable doubt, you may find that. and how did he do it? when the medical examiner did the autopsy she said she died of natural causes. >> the mistress said he explained in pillow talk how he can do that. >> hwhat is his method? does the prosecutor know? will the prosecutor call a head kill expert to
defense as an employer if you offer this type of training to your employees. >> no. they don't have to worry about anything. this is stupid. they have paid lawyers on the payroll. somebody comes at you, you defend it you don't force your people to do that. >> this is why you are not running the fox news channel. >> no. there are many other reasons. [ laughter ] >> many, manier reasons. >> another crazy school district this one in jersey. we just got through wisconsin. didn't we solve this. >> we did good in wisconsin. >> we did. they had a fold and let the kids sing christmas carols and now in new jersey. >> they get to sing them in december. >> in the context of the holiday. >> they're good. >> yelled at doris same thing going none new jersey. what happened. >> fourth and fifth graders would like to perform winter concert that has some christmas carols in it and they decided that is not allowed anymore. >> who is they. >> couple parents suggested we don't want to hear christmas carols in the winter concert and so the lawyers. >> do you have the name of the parents? >> no. >> come o
equality, despite repealing don't ask, don't tell. despite overturning the so-called defense of marriage act. despite all these gains, there are still 29 states where there are no laws, no legal bowl work whatsoever to protect lesbian, gay and bisexual from being fired simply for who they are. and is the same goes for transgender people in 33 states. but today there are signs of progress in wash. senate majority leader harry reid has set a vote for monday on legislation that would protect the lgbt community from workplace discrimination. to talk about it, joining us now is representative mark pocan, democrat of wisconsin, and chris geitner, legal editor at the bill in the senate is called the employment and nondiscrimination act and bars companies with more than 15 employees from discriminating against workers on the basis of their sexuality or sexual orientati orientation. and joe manchin of west virginia was the last holdout among the democrats. he's now on board. two republicans, collins of maine and kirk of illinois, are also on board. and then there is hope that three
's certain traditions, when rookies come in, they'll take their position group or the offense or the defense out to dinner and foot the bill. but that's more of a rite of passage, and i wouldn't consider that hazing. the nfl's not for everyone. i had these expectations about what the nfl would be. once i got there, it wasn't what i thought. >> now john zarrella is out front. when you hear this, somebody can be fired a $13 million job, what could have been in those voice mails and text messages? >> reporter: according to espn and, this is the text of the voice messages left for jonathan martin. i'm quoting here. hey, what's up, you half blank piece of blank. i saw you on twitter. you have been training ten weeks. i'll blank in your blank mouth. i'm going to slap your real mother across the face. blank you. you're still a rookie. i'll kill you. now this is all coming out a week after jonathan martin suddenly left dolphins' camp last monday and has been gone ever since. erin? >> now i hear that. it's almost impossible to imagine. then you wonder if this is the way they all interact. it'
to disclose why you're on offense. you don't want to have to make up for it when you're on defense. now you're on defense and somebody else has brought this to the public attention and they're having to deal with this on defense. that's not the position that the administration wants to be in the president could very easily have said -- and this would not have been a big deal to say, the vast majority of americans will be able to keep their health care as it exists now under obama care. and for the small number of 5% of the insurance market that -- >> do you mean they knew? >> that's a really good question. john mentioned the word credibility. i think there's an accretion of things happening that make it feel like obama care is unfolding in a wait administration never even saw. we have the web site disasters, we have these numbers of people who are losing their plans, which these numbers seem much higher than anything that was suggested. and i think americans, certainly i'm getting the sense that the administration kind of really didn't see clearly what the consequences of its own signature
and strong balance sheets. >> they're all defensive stocks. these are all defensive stocks. >> absolutely. they are because if we get a downturn in the market, the stocks will get hit the a hasheddest. you mentioned about small and mid-caps underperforming. that is a sign that says the market may be getting tired. i like bigger defensive names at this stage of the market cycle. liz: "the wall street journal" interestingly enough, jared, is reporting that instagram shared its first ad, everybody is wondering how they would monetize instagram and michael coarse ad. right along lines of your stock pick. what is happening in the u.s. they are turning backs on coach for example. how dangerous can it be when you go with what you think is a hot stock and couple years later, you have to make sure you take the profits, jared? >> you do. and that is the other thing that can tell people at this point. you know, take baby steps. get into a stock, make a little bit of money, take the risk off the table. something like michael coors, there is excitement around it, if you have been in and make money, re
a drilling today. president obama got out of town. he just gave a spirited defense of his health care law this boston where former rival mitt romney signed a very similar and successful massachusetts law less than a decade ago. our chief congressional correspondent dana bash is standing by on capitol hill, but let's begin our coverage with our chief white house correspondent jim acosta. the president said he's responsible for obama care's flaws, but he also said that romney care also had a slow start. >> reporter: that's right. as you said, the president traveled up to boston to make those comparisons between his health care plan and mitt romney's health care plan. he was talking about the bumpy rollout. there were some bumps, but not as many in romney care. but there was another mission for the president today and that was to do some damage control acknowledging some of the website problems that have plagued obama care in recent weeks and he made mention of that pretty early on in his remarks. >> there is no denying it, right now the website is too slow, too many people have gotten stuck
of justice, rather. anderson. >> i want to bring in jeffrey to be and criminal defense attorney mark geragos. what is the significance of what the federal government did today? >> it's a new set of eyes and you'll have fbi agents looking at the available evidence, perhaps forensic scientists looking at what they can look at but the problem is it's been almost a year since kendrick died sbl and the evidence collected already has been collected and the evidence that's not been collected is not. >> there is no way of undoing that and going back to the gym and getting the sneakers and testing the blood on the wall. they will do their best but i don't think anyone should get their hopes up there is going to be a dramatic break in the case. given the fact so much time has passed. >> mark, the u.s. attorney said himself that federal jurisdiction is limited. what exactly does that mean? >> well, it's limited in the sense they don't have -- you're not going to bring a traditional murder case. you may have the violation of someone's rights, things like that and it's one of the few times that i actuall
apologizing and being defensive. the realty is the nsa has saved thousands of lives not just in united states but in france and germany and throughout europe. quite frankly they have done so much for our country and help this president in his term, he should be -- he's commander in chief, he should stand with nsa. >> george w. bush took like the peter king approach, the world was black and white. if it was furthering our aim of capturing bad guys, that was the end of the story. this president because he is conflicted in some ways he's not getting praise or doing the right thing by either side's opinion. he seems publicly sort of like he's not even sure where he should be did. >> i don't think he knows where he is. he didn't even know this was going on. >> come on, he knew. we talk honestly in public about what we do with intelligence, of course he knew. >> i don't think that makes it better for him not to have known. i'm not sure they would put that out there if it's not true. >> there's a factual question, if he knew and he and his team are continuing to misrepresent that, that's deeply prob
. that will probably be the defense that he will use. even if he was caught on tape smoke out of a glass pipe, it's hard to tell if crack cocaine is inside of it. after months of bombshell headlines alleging crack cocaine abuse and erratic behavior, it was what mayor ford had to say sunday that had everyone listening. >> friends, i'm the first one to admit i'm not perfect. i have made mistakes. i have made mistakes and all i can do right now is apologize for the mistakes. >> we have gathered the evidence -- >> reporter: in a news conference last thursday, the police chief said they have video of what appears to be the mayor smoking from a glass pipe. ford has repeatedly denying using crack since the allegations surfaced in may. on sunday, he said that video should be made public. >> whatever this video shows, folks, toronto residents deserve to see it and people need to judge for themselves what they see on this video. >> reporter: mayor ford was also featured prominently in a more than 460 page police investigation into gang activity. page after page about noford's alleged drug abuse redacted. b
, to defense matters, to economic matters. i'm a strong supporter of it. >> reporter: the director of national intelligence, james clapper announced overnight he's declassifying a trove of documents about collection under the foreign intelligence surveillance act or fisa. this is the act that authorized collection of data on virtually every telephone caller here in the u.s. and later today, clapper and the head of the nsa, keith alexander, will be testifying on the hill. kate, we can expect them to face hard questions as well. >> surveillance about american citizens made some sense. i wonder if they're getting pushed too far, jim. thanks for the reporting this morning. let's head to the white house. they say they're going to declassify and review everything. brianna keilar with more this morning. is the white house abandoning the program. >> would you would wonder if you are listening to democratic senate chairman of the intelligence committee, dianne feinstein, she said, quote, collection on our allies will not continue. but one senior administration official that i've checked with said that
should stop apologizing, stop being defensive. the reality is the nsa has saved thousands of lives, not just in the united states but also in france and germany and throughout europe. and we're not doing this for the fun of it. this is to gather valuable intelligence which helps not just us but also helps the europeans. >> so, mark, we have allies that are upset with us, germany, france, mexico, brazil and spain. but the reality is that we're all doing this. >> i'd like putin to be angry with us, okay. i'd like to know that the north koreans are angry with us more than our allies but let's say what peter king just said. peter king is mixing apples and oranges. i agree with him, nsa spying that protects our national security is critical. but he is lumping in this what i would call gratuitous spying on our leaders that could have enormous consequences for our national security. >> what if this is just trust but verify? >> listen, in the end trust but verify comes down to a very simple proposition. they all knew that we're spying. they do it, everybody does it. but the fact of the mat
? >> caller: listen, i've got a profitable trade with one of my favorite defensive stocks and they beat on top and bottom line, raised guidance, and i need help telling me how high this one can go. >> champ, i don't know, man, that was a dynamite quarter. i would never get off that horse, not until -- i mean, honestly, the defense stocks have been the standout this year. i see no reason right now to cut a raytheon position back. bob in california, please, bobby? >> caller: hi, jim. how are you doing? >> all right. what are you up to? >> caller: i have a question on long-term kndi. >> yes, yes. well, this is the chinese version of a lot of companies i really like in an atv business. and i can't go for it because i have been too mystified by chinese companies and blown away by their numbers. i have to take a pass on kandi. john in florida, john? >> caller: how you doing, jim? >> all right, john, how are you? >> caller: i'm doing good. i need help with ford. it was good, i liked the ceo, selling a bunch of trucks, do you think it's going to hit 19 by the end of the year? >> 18 is where i thought
's defense, saying that the president should stand with the nsa and not be apologizing. peter king is the former chair of the homeland security committee and joins me from capitol hill. good to see you again. >> thank you. >> there's a new story today denied by keith alexander that the nsa was able to crack into yahoo! and google's centers and collect data without permission. i don't know if that's without fisa permission or without permission of the companies. we have not confirmed any of this. as i said, keith alexander at a bloomberg conference has just denied it. do you know anything about this? >> no, and i have every reason to believe general alexander. so far virtually every story that's come out from the snowden leaks about the nsa has been proven either to be phoney or trivial. >> well, not the angela merkel leak for sure. there's been a lot that's been proved. what has not been proved or has been denied now is the mass data collection in spain and in france. that's been clarified over the last couple of days. >> i can't confirm whether or not angela merkel was being surve
defense of his health care program with a twist that's infuriating some republicans. his embattled health secretary faces congress an makes apologies for the obama care web site fiasco. stand by for her heated testimony. and the questions left unanswered. >>> and a warning of the high security risk on the obama care web site. cnn has obtained a disturbing memo written only days before the launch. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >>> i take full responsibility for making sure it gets fixed asap. >> hold me accountable for the debacle. i'm responsible. >> they certainly are the fays of the obama care web site debacle. both were front and center today taking responsibility and promising solutions. we have team coverage this hour of obama care under fire. first let's go to our senior white house correspondent jim acosta with the very latest. jim? >> here at the white house officials believe the president took ownership of the messups with obama care today that they feel like he for the first time really addressed this issue of millions of cancellation letters going to america
from the daughter of martin macneill. the utah doctor accused of killing his wifr. the defense tried to discredit the key witness trying to show the jury that she changed her story and may have had a motive to lie. jean casarez is "outfront." >> miss summers, if you will come forward again. >> reporter: day two of the hostile cross-examination of the daughter alexis turned downright combative. >> you've made up the story that you told today. >> no. >> you were not giving accurate information one time or the other? >> i'm not 100% sure on this. >> you've never, ever related this before. have you? >> to you? >> to me or to anybody. >> an effort by defense attorney randy spencer to catch her in lies, impeach her testimony, and prove she wanted revenge against her father for having an affair. >> it is not as important to get accurate information on informal e-mails back and forth. >> that's not what i said. >> the attack on her credibility as the prosecution' star witness against her father was relentless. macneill is accused of compelling his wife michele to have a facelift. then during
and i suspect -- i'd also say in defense of christie, if your state gets hit by something like sandy. you love the person that helps you. the idea he was calculating carefully, i think he was emotionally engaged in what happened to the jersey shore and genuinely grateful and to not have a spirit of understanding that is petty. >> it's surprising that someone decided to dump this vetting file. >> that connections -- >> it has all kinds of -- and he should defend himself. it has all kinds of allegations and kind of a horrible thing and people put their trust in the vetters and for someone a year late tore leak it is a horrible thing to do but will create opponents for chris christie, i think it's damaging to chris christie this happened and unfortunate someone hated him so much to do something -- >> what i read of it so far really says more about romney than christie. romney had a narrow perspective someone running with him should look like, almost getting into the detroit athletic club, whether christie could qualify. >> there was a clubbing feel. -- a clubby feel to it in the way the
to foreign powers. i'm concerned that the national defense director lied to congress and i haven't heard anyone talk about repercussions. we're not only spying on foreign leaders, but there are accusations that we spied on the pope as well. there are problems. we lost a lot of credibility. the only way to start fresh is someone new in charge of intelligence. >> there's also a suggestion from one of the former chiefs, in today's "new york times," in an extensive review of the entire nsa program, he said that the nsa should get out ahead of this and put out everything they knew snowden to have. do think that's a good idea? >> maybe. the fundamental question of whether or not this constitution or not, shouldn't be a secret court, it needs to get into the supreme court, with senator widen and myself, we introduced a bill that would allow cases like this to be challenged in open court, at the supreme court. we should determine once and for all, whether a single warrant could apply to all americans. >> you have taken some heat from inside your party for your views on privacy and fourth amendme
deal of defense for the nsa from people that you know full well, if we were to have a terrorist attack, the first question they would be asking is why was your spying efforts, your surveillance efforts, not ubiquitous, universal and intense. what do you think? >> well, you're absolutely right. first, alexander -- general alexander, i know him very well, was with him last night at an award dinner here, we gave him an award, and he's just a first-rate general officer, but more important than that, a first-rate intelligence officer and spy. he's absolutely hands down the best we've ever had in this job. he's been in it for eight years. and he's leaving of his own volition to get a new set of eyes, it's time. it truly is unfair. these allegations, a lot of these things make no sense. and certainly they are left to deny and support the nsa themselves. they and clapper, the director of national intelligence, that is who is defending this major function that protects the united states and believe me, we would not have had no serious attack on the united states in all of these years, these 12
play officers can you do this. >> like vivek said, this is a process. key ingredients, on the defensive end coach mike malone accountability. defensively we struggled and we're much improved. offensively, unselfish. we'll louis analytics and statistical data a lot with sacramento kings. assists are key. mike malone has made great strides. we're encouraged only preseason, tomorrow kicks off for real. >> liz, letting l.a. teams, kind enough to let us win in the preseason so thank you for that. liz: okay. for the moment i'm a knicks fan but maybe you might win me over. lakers have too many fans. tough be original here. listen, vivek, it goes to the hard of what you do. chris mentioned that you're using data analytics which is exactly what your whole amazing career came from mumbai, bombay, many, many years ago. you were 15 years old with a couple of bucks. $50 in your pocket saying i'm going to mit. how do you use analytics to help a basketball team which is basically blood, sweat and tears win? >> liz, to me basketball is just a big data problem both on the court and the business side. wh
, this is a big deal, we thought we worked out a compromise, nsa threw a couple defensive tools into the blackberry. now he uses his blackberry. let me give you the backdrop to that story, joe, mika. the most powerful man on earth, the most powerful man in the most powerful nation on earth was just told that his communications were susceptible to intercept by dozens of foreign embassies inside his own national capitol. we didn't render garments. we didn't protest. we realized. that's the way things are. >> you aren't shocked by angela merkel's phone being monitored? >> no. >> is this like the new tie tony blair was going to we're before he left his house? >> general can i ask you a question, is it surprising to you, does it raise questions when the president of the united states says he wasn't aware after this kind of under surveillance and monitoring was under way? should the president know or not know? what is your impression of that? >> i am kind of in the same place that senator colins was. you would have thought he would have known. on the other hand, i can imagine circumst
traction again today. that appears to be their defense against the health care debacle did dennis: she said sorry but didn't really mean it. what led to the disaster that is obamacare? secrecy. this according to our next guest, a reporter for tech crunch joining us now. you had a nice line in a column you referred to in "the daily beast." the president's signature bill is a culture of authoritarianism, cronyism and secrecy. >> secrecy is destroying obamacare. he refuses to let the public participate in the website. dennis: how so? >> there are three major aspects to secrecy destroying the website. first of all big government contractors are really the only ones who have access to even build the website in the first place. so it favors companies who have put more money into lawyers and lobbyists than programs. dennis: instead of hiring amazon or something. go ahead. >> the second part is it is pretty standard practice in the tech industry to solicit the best ideas from the rest of the world and bring those ideas in. dennis: open source movement. and this is not open source. >> no, no, no. cg
defensive. the reality is the nsa has saved thousands of lives not just in the u.p.s. but france and germany and throughout europe. we're trying to gatherable against that helps us and helps the europeans. >> there are reports that the president did know that angela merkel's cell phone was being tapped. >> talk about a confounding story in terms of not understanding the concept as to why we would do this. why it would go unknown by the president if it was. david ignatius can you put this in perspective and snowden's role. is he still such a menace or is he revealing things we need to know? >> first about nsa collection, it seems increasingly clear if nsa could collect a signal it would. and just add to this ever greater pile of data. analysts couldn't possibly have gone through and made sense of all the signals that they had access to. in terms of spying on the world leaders, the 35 world leaders which is the latest thing that's riled the europeans and people all over the world, it's hard to imagine, if you captured something of interest from angela merkel's cell phone that reference to that
, to defense matters, to economic matters, and i am a strong supporter of it. >> the director of national intelligence james clapper announced overnight he is declassifying a trove of documents about the collection under the foreign intelligence surveillance acts, or first ssa. later today, clapper and the head of the nsa, keith alexen direction will be testify on the hill about that program. you can be sure they're going to be getting questions about spying overseas, how far it should go and what limits the administration is considering placing on it now. >> this is a huge story, especially in europe. jim sciutto, thank you very much. >>> republican senator lindsey graham turning up the heat on the obama administration for its handling of last year's benghazi rror attack and its aftermath. the outspoken critic of the administration is threatening to block all presidential nomination, before the senate until survivors of that attack testify before congress. take a listen to graham on fox news. >> for god sakes, let the house have a select committee where you get three or four committees t
house going on the defensive after it was revealed that they knew for years and l.a. is of americans could not keep their health plans. despite president obama's repeated assurances to the american public if they like their plan they could keep it. here to weigh in, a visiting scholar at the american enterprise institute and which lowry, editor for the national review. i will start with you. hundreds of thousands of people. nyh take a look at these numbers , california, new york, all of the country, florida, losing coverage. we were told not once, not twice, but multiple times that we could keep our insurance plans. what happened? >> it represents an enormous credibility problem for this administration. he said it repeatedly. it is on tape. we are hearing it over and over again on every media outlet. he did not know, you should have. this is a key basic element of the law, creating a federal definition of insurance. your plan does not meet the definition you are out of luck. anyone would have known this is going to happen. gerri: to you. the administration is fighting back saying tha
as investors. president obama meeting with technology defense ceos to discuss that very issue just one day after his own twitter account was hacked. peter barnes joining us from the white house with the very latest. this has been talked about for a couple of years from inside the beltway, but how serious are they getting now? >> they are trying to get more serious about it. now the administration has released a draft framework for trying to improve fighting cyber security and improve efforts there including voluntary communications, more communications between corporate america and national security agencies. meeting with eight top executives from finance, information technology to talk about this draft and listen, everybody wants to try to do more to stop cybercrime. recent study showed cybercrime across the u.s. economy $100 billion per year up to about 500,000 jobs through stolen financial assets, stolen intellectual property, damage to brand and reputation. the cost of cleaning up and repairing a company has to incur after a cyber attack. the stakes alone are huge. >> it ranges from pe
documents be made public. he said keeping them under wraps is hurting his client's defense. another college classmate of tsarnaev is charged with removing evidence from the suspect bomber's dorm room after the marathon attacks. both of these men have pleaded not guilty. >>> support for the death penalty for convicted murderers appears to be softening in the united states. 60% support for capital punishment. and that's down from the 1990s. >>> san francisco could become the next uggs city to try to tackle diabetes and childhood obesity by taxing sugary drinks. this is what officials are proposing a valid measure in 2014 that would ask voters to approve a two cent per ounce tax on soda and other drinks with added sugar. the measure would require approval from two-thirds of the city's voters to pass. two cents an ounce. >> ouch. >> every sip could count. that is all for "early start" this morning. you guys have a great day, it is time for "new day." >> take it away chris and kate. >> thank you very much. >>> almost the top of the hour means it's time for the top news. ♪ >>> i want to apologi
it or not and and put his enemies on the defensive. >> thanks dwep. again. >>> bernard kerrick's went to president bush's nominee for head of homeland security. he wound up pleading guilty to tax evasion. in line to the white house. spending three years in a federal minimum security prison. earlier this week, he spoke to matt lauer days after being relieved from house arrest. he opened up about what he realized about life behind bars and his new mission now that he's out. >> bernie, you spent six years of your life running that jail over our shoulder there which is one of the biggest and most notorious jails in the country. when you look back at that place now, does your perspective change? >> yeah, it changes. when i ran that system, i focused on the day-to-day operations of care, custody, and control. what i realized today is, especially in the federal prison system, that's not necessarily the focus. >> reporter: despite a long and impressive resume in law enforcement, kerik says only a few months after behind bars himself that he realized that criminal justice system was broken. >> these young men,
out saying we can't defend this place against an al qaeda attack. how can the secretary of defense know that and not the secretary of state. i'm hoping that will relent -- >> if they don't? >> i will ask my colleagues to stand up to the obama administration. don't let them get away with this. can you imagine if this was george w. bush saying you can't talk to anybody? >> okay. "60 minutes" ran a story where they spoke to the british supervisor of libyan security. >> you also kept saying if this place is attacked, these guys are not going to stand and fight? >> yeah, i used today say it all the time. in the end i got quite bored of hearing my own voice saying it. >> the obama administration is saying his report right after the attack directly contradicts what he said. >> yes, i want to hear from americans that were there. this contractor, on an incident report that he signed, he never went to the compound or to the hospital as he claims. he was interviewed by the fbi the next day and twice, and the fbi interviews, here is what this administration is doing. they're taking part of the
amount of premium. >> you would buy these at all time highs? >> no. but when i look at the defense sector, i look at rti. it's specialty metals. these are places i want to be. i think it's very bullish. >> big gains for best buy. someone on this desk told you to take profits back in august. did they get out too early or are they standing by that call. that's next on "fast". [ indistinct shouting ] ♪ [ indistinct shouting ] [ male announcer ] time and sales data. split-second stats. [ indistinct shouting ] ♪ it's so close to the options floor... [ indistinct shouting, bell dinging ]'ll bust your brain box. ♪ all on thinkorswim from td ameritrade. ♪ see who does good work and compare costs. it doesn't usually work that way with health care. but with unitedhealthcare, i get information on quality rated doctors, treatment options and estimates for how much i'll pay. that helps me, and my guys, make better decisions. i don't like guesses with my business, and definitely not with our health. innovations that work for you. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. bny mellon com
't it important to pick a name that has got a defensible business position? meaning almost anyone can knock off what yelp has built. facebook could start offering reviews and blow them out of the game. if you're a colleged aged person and you want to start your career, you would probably give up all other social networks before you give up linked in. does that speak that competitive position to you? >> if you're just going to look at how wide or deep or however you measure, it's linked in. white collar is on there and you are irrelevant if you're not on linked in. >> why are you willing to look past the revenue guidance. >> they have typically beat their guidance by 6% over the last three quarters. 9% last year. basically implies that they are guiding 1% up. the reason we are willing to look beyond it is this is is a theme story. you just own it because they are the huge mark. they will ratically recruit it and that's why you have got to look beyond this guidance. >> real quick. i love linked in. it has been my favorite play in social media. it's clearly still a growth stock according to you an
assuming leadership positions. look at how we are doing. defensive names like telecom. some of the big industrial names. industrials and materials are doing better. the s&p at 4.6%. what's been lagging is energy, health care and tech. all of those sacktoectors had leadership. nothing is really down. this is why the market is up 23% overall for the year. >>> let's move over and show you what the small caps are doing. small caps have been outperforming big caps all year, by 10 percentage points for the year. about 33% to 23%. this quarter, in the last three weeks, small caps on the top line are having a small outperform mans. this generally indicates the economy is improving. smallcaps tend to underperform form when the economy is moving to the down side. the big worry, the old reversion to the means story. you can't keep going up double digits every year. it doesn't happen. four of the last five years, we have been up double digits. 2008, we were down about 40%. how can you go up 10%, 20% next year when historically, the averages work against you. 10% would put us at 1936. interestingly
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